Can Technology Alter Communication?


Technological era is here to stay, it may seem. Having said that, it is important to understand that technology has entered and affected all parts of our lives, whether we like it or not. An important part of our life is most certainly communication. We communicate all the time without even realizing it, and with the development of technology – we are also being communicated to all the time. We are constantly bombarded with messages comming from the radio, television, our mobile phones. Every advertisement that you see can leave a trace in your mind and shape your thoughts – whether you are realizing it or not.

Has This Already Happened?

So, yes, in a lot of ways the alternation which technology has done to communication has already happened. We do not exclusively talk to other people, we can also call, video call or text. We can send an email, and do not forget the visual communication done by your own appearance or over Instagram lately. The changes in technology and technological advancement, have affected all other social spheres of humans’ lives, including communication.

Can Machines Communicate Instead Of Us?

Communication is very complex, and it is so much more than language. Language itself remains a complex system, intertwined with all the other social and cultural normes people follow when communicating. Which is why the computers and technological advancement still cannot keep up with communication in the way humans can. When communicating a message or information that is being communicated is just one small part of it. What is also important is the tone of voice, your posture, body langauge, the situation in which it has been communicated, the language used, as well as what is being said, and what is being left out. All of these are very important in order for the communication to take place.

How Will We Communicate In The Future?

As the development of the technology continues, it is very difficult to imagine how communication will look like in the future. In just several decades it has changed drastically, introducing new social niceties, such as which emoticon you should use. It is something we will have to wait and see, but it is definitely an exciting era to be living in!