Digital technology in service of music and singing education


Digital technology has created a terrain for completely new ways of artistic expression and introduced some modern, new methods of practicing art in all of its shapes and forms. Although most artists and art consumers were skeptical for a long time towards the potential and capability or digital technology to achieve the same quality standards as conventional methods, digital art has so far proven all of these prejudices wrong. These days, even voice lessons and singing tips for beginners are much easier to utilize due to better technology that is used in this art.

When talking about digital art, we usually address artists using modern technology and digital channels of communication to create pieces of art, regardless of the field of interest. However, the technology can be used as a powerful method for spreading and exploring art. The digital platform we reviewed in this article has made a specific, a valuable combination of art and digital technology, taking advantage of the technology to change traditional ways of teaching art. In this particular case – to teach singing.

Singing classes in the digital package

We purchased and tried recently quite popular software called Superior Singing Method to check various positive and negative critics this platform got so far. Namely, this method is a digital package developed and designed by Aaron Anastasi to be sort of digital singing course and substitute live singing classes with music teachers. This digital program includes basic music and singing theory instructions, over 50 voice lessons, adjusted to all voice types, followed by over 30 practical workshops and vocal exercises, plus 4 bonuses covering different practical singing tips for beginners or advice for professional singers. The main idea of the project was to provide singing course to everyone who needs it, but to make it available for purchasing online, taking classes from your home, anytime it suits your schedule, carrying course with you at your tablet or smartphone and to provide all of that for much lower price compared to real-time conventional classes with singing teachers.

A wide range of benefits

The greatest benefit of this program is the fact that it works. There are many users reporting positive experiences and obvious progress they made with their technique for only a few weeks of course. The second benefit is the quality of the provided material. Singing tips for beginners are professional and useful enough to get going even the complete laymen. Other vocal lessons and practical exercises are detailed, inspiring, creative, interactive and above all effective, thus even professional singer can use it. Further, software is completely mobile and practical, easy to purchase and download and leaves plenty of room for exploring the powerful combination of digital technology and art.

Is the digital world too sterile for art?

This question brings opposite points of view leading to potential critics even to this singing program. As one of greatest disadvantages to Superior Singing Method, some users report the lack of actual vivid contact with a teacher, constructive conversation and mentorship, the chance to ask questions and suggestions, as well as the skepticism towards the ability of digital technology to convincingly convert natural voice into accurate audio sounds.