How Is Communication Used In Marketing?


Communication is an important part of our lives, whether we realize that as such or not. Most of the time communication is not even percieved, as it is such a huge and normal part of our lives. Even if you do not communicate with anyone, that does not mean that you are not communicated to! Each time you turn on your television, or take a look at your phone, whether you like it or not you are communicated all the different messages through marketing. You are being instilled with values, opinions and desires of what you need and what you need to buy. That is why communication is such a huge chunk of our lives and essential for marketing purposes. But generally, there are three aspects of marketing in which communication is an essential part of.

Three Aspects of Communication In Marketing


Communication is majorly used in marketing as a successful means of advertising. The sentences used are so carefully and craftfully designed that they are used in order to convince you on every level that you need to buy a product or service – whether you actually need it or not. Advertising has been around for quite some time and using slogans and words that are carefully chosen to affect your thought processes until you believe they are your original ideas is what it is all about.

Public Relations

Another part of marketing which is essential is public relations. Keeping the general public and your clients and customers in the know is what matters. However, how you go about it is even more important. Knowing what to say and how to say it to the public is a real marketing craft that you must learn in order to be able to apply.


While advertisment can convice you perhaps half way that you want to buy something you do not even actually need, it is selling that is much more closely connected to the marketing – and a reason why communication is important here as well. If you want to sell something, the art of communication is essential. Learning how to say something, when to say it, which language and tone of voice to use and what body langauge – is equally important to marketing and can result in high sales if done properly.