Message Me or Not at All

Messages Are Considered Good

Sending messages are not exclusive to SMS, Messenger or Chat rooms. Posters can be used to send a direct or a subtle message. When you send a message, you need to watch your recipient. Is the recipient getting the message? How does the recipient understand the message? What is the reaction of the recipient?


These are relevant questions that you may need to answer if you are into posters. The message needs to get across, and the only way to do that is to design something that your intended audience can understand. If your audience does not understand it, it may be better not to have sent the message at all.

Messages Are Considered Good Under Specific Circumstances

The message of your poster can be considered good if it has a positive message. While a negative message can be used to spur something positive, it is always safe to start and end on a positive note. Unless you are promoting a horror movie or something that is naturally negative, the rule of thumb is always the positive tone. People love to feel good, and the only way to do it is to send a positive message. You can do this using the appropriate visual and choice of words. Your message can then be considered good, says leposters.

Messages Are Considered Excellent When

Another thing concerns excellence. Many claim to have an excellent poster design and so on. Your message can be considered excellent if it is done with a specific aim. You need to target a specific audience. Otherwise, you will end up with no audience. An experiment was done where a poster was positioned, and those who passed by were watched. While many just passed by, there were individuals who glanced at the poster. The time element involved is just a few seconds. Excellent messages are understood by just glancing at them for just a few seconds.

Messages Are Considered Effective When

A third thing concerns effectiveness. What is the use of a well-designed poster if it is not effective? The effectiveness is measured by what many believe is the call to action. Did your poster call the intended individual into action? If so, then the message is considered effective. This portion is the most difficult part of the poster medium. A lot of posters with good visuals and good taglines never make it to the last stage. Those who noticed the poster were just amused but were never brought into action. The response to your message is what matters says


It is really funny but if your message is not read and nothing happens, it would be better is no message was sent at all. This can be your guiding line in your quest for the poster where the intended audience makes a response. With communication overload being a daily thing for most people, the challenge is to present something out of the ordinary. Or it can be so ordinary that people will notice it. Again, your success is measured by your intended result.