To Post or Not to Post

post or shall you not

When it comes to posters, the question often asked is: shall you post or shall you not? Preparing is one thing, but posting is another thing. Many times, posters are already ready, but then you discover something else. You missed something, and it’s all printed and ready. You are then confronted with a decision. You hung those posters anyway and waited for the result.


Then the results come in. No one responded to your poster. What could be the problem? Leposters know what the problem is, and it may be good if you asked for some advice.

Poster Basics

Posters were the precursors to the newspapers. During the time when there was no printing and everything was written down, announcements were written on a specific size of paper and were posted on the town square for everyone to see. It was a communication tool then, and it is still now. You use posters to communicate something. There is a specific size of the poster. If you go too small, it becomes difficult to read, and if you go too big, it becomes a nuisance. Posters need to be the right size and need to have the right message to be effective.

Poster Preparation

Preparing a poster is complicated, most especially if you have an intended target audience. Leposters can help you with the preparation since it is their specialty. The preparation involves certain steps that need to be followed. Like any other product, the target audience needs to be identified. After that, you will need to come up with the right visual imagery and choice of words to your audience. The initial goal is to spark interest, and the end goal is to bring your audience into action. In the case of a stage play, the initial goal is to arouse curiosity and the end goal is to let them watch the stage play.

Poster Distribution

Distributing your poster is as important as designing it. Again, the reference point is your target audience. You will need to stick your posters where your target audience can easily see it and identify. If you are posting a party, that would not be a real problem. But if you are posting a product, then you will need more effort. Visuals enhance your message. It is like having a double message. Your visual image must compliment your text. If you do this properly and distribute your poster right, you will accomplish your goal.


Nothing gives more pleasure than seeing your work accomplish what it was designed for. Poster design and proper posting give you the results. What if the result was not satisfactory? Well, you may need to rethink your process. You can do this with the help of posters. If your poster achieves the fifty-percent mark or more of the expected results, then that can be considered satisfactory. To improve your efficacy rating, you may need to do some initial experimentation before finalizing something. You will constantly improve if you analyze your feedback.