Visual Communication Travels Faster

Needs to be Clear

Visual communication or communication with pictures or symbols travels faster. The mind registers visual cues faster, and it is easily remembered. Visual signs conjure memories and relationships so that when the text is added, the message comes through faster. This formula can be used in personal messages and events or business related messages.

A good example is a poster for a school activity like a school fair. By using images of a carnival, the message of fun and enjoyment is easily relayed to the intended audience. That is how fast visuals can travel to the mind.

The Message Needs to be Clear

Although visuals can relay a message alone, a corresponding text will pinpoint the message accurately. For this purpose, you will need, a poster designer and printer like posters. If you are in the Glasgow area or any area nearby, you can easily make contact regarding your requirements. You can easily sit down and discuss your requirements and the message for your corresponding poster. The combination of visual and text will surely make your message crystal clear. The purpose of the poster is none other than to present something wherein the specific message is easily relayed and understood.

ipad-tablet-technology-touch-mediumThe Medium Needs to be Attractive

In the age of electronics and video displays, the three-dimensional medium still reign supreme. When e-books became abundant, many believed the printed book would become obsolete. The opposite is happening. Book sales are improving even with stiff competition from e-books and application in the smart phone. When you decide to go for the poster medium, you need to make sure that you have something attractive. Attractive means that it is visually appealing and that it carry the message that you want people to get. With the resurgence of the book, the poster, which carries similar qualities, is an attractive medium.

The Timing Needs to be Right

Timing is of the essence in almost everything. You need to understand that sometimes product launches fizzle out due to bad timing. You can talk with us at posters to discuss the timing of your poster. Aside from the visual aesthetics like the color, choice of graphics and choice of typesetting, the timing has to be included in the plan. When all of these things are decided upon, one other thing you will need is to select the best places where to position your poster. A poster of a school event may be easy. But a poster for a product launch or product introduction can be difficult.


Just bear in mind that visuals like posters are still relevant. The human eye is designed to look at three-dimensional objects. In this regard, the poster qualifies. The visual and text may be two-dimensional, but the poster itself is the three-dimensional addition. You can touch it; you can feel it, and you can view it from different angles. That is the beauty of it. Posters can also stay in the same spot for a time, adding to the principle of presence and repetition.