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Guy and logoThe worth and potential of digital art

Digital art is a form of art that is created through the use of digital equipment. Now, this is a broad term, and thus it encompasses many forms of the same. Photos, taken by a digital camera are the basic form of this type of art. Pictures that are modified through the use of software are also considered as the same kind of the artistry. And then there is the form of digital art that is purely computer-generated, and it can come in many different types from VR to pieces created with vector graphics software.

The initial response to digital art was negative. But the advantages of technology were evident once people started posting their creations on the internet. This showed other artists that new technologies and software could improve art in general and they accepted it.

The influx of new tech resulted in the development of software that aided in the creation of new types of art. It also introduced artistry to a whole new group of people that saw art as something that was too foreign to the new generation. The result of this digital revolution is the explosion of the various new forms of art that are both beautiful and captivating for the online community.